Mei 20, 2012

Don't I have to trust you ?
Don't I have to be ready when the time comes?
Don't I have to make you happy as a man who I love?
Don't I have to be sure with everything?

Oh thanks my awkward feeling !

Juli 10, 2010

Never Simple

Actually.. It's hard to believe with someone who has lied me ..

I don't know how to make me trust fully at you again.

Honestly, I dont need your promise..
I only need your act.

I wanna take a breath.. deeply..

People are people and sometimes it doesn't work out.

Mei 07, 2010

What's wrong with me?

I miss you like crazy

Even More than words can say
I miss you like crazy
Every minute of every day

Can't you see how I feel
Can't you see that my pain's so real
When I think of you
I don't know what to do

sms, mail, chating ??
it doesn't matter for me ...
oh.. honey, it makes me happy :)

But now.. I step too far ...
I can't hide my feeling
I do know What I'm feeling about
Maybe u dont feel the same

Time? It is not a big problem for me
Distance? I don't care
Ethnic ? huh! no no.. it doesn't matter
The matter is only my feeling

I step too far
I step too far
I step too far
I'm sorry I'm confused...

* as what do you consider a star is ?? *

April 28, 2010

D 'n' T

9 months ..
it's not easy for us

honestly, in my heart
I wanna break distance and time down!
yea.. I will.. !
with my patience
with our patience

I trust u
I hope u trust me too
that I will be waiting for u
even distance give us the highest cliff
even time give us the deepest ravine
but distance and time will be give us the answers.

Maret 26, 2010

listening Colbie Caillat...

Teringat masa lalu di Belanda...
Ik mis Holland...

I just wanna say...
I'll be right back
tolong tunggu saya...